Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kayleigh Says "Mama" -- Written by Bel

For weeks now, as Kayleigh has been babbling we have all been encouraging her to say Mama, as all mothers try to. We have been unsuccessful up to this point & cannot really get Kayleigh to mimic anything vocally yet. Usually she starts making a noise & then we imitate it back to her & she repeats it. Yesterday was different.

We were at my parents' house, as we are on every Tuesday, and my mom kept egging her on with "mama". My mom does this every time she sees Kayleigh & usually nothing special happens. However, yesterday Kayleigh finally repeated it all on her own!! I know that she has no idea what the word is & that it has no real meaning to her yet, but she still said Mama!!! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th Of July Laughs -- Written by Bel

What a great weekend!! I'm so happy that the weather held out & that we were able to do such wonderful things!

Since the dawn of time, my family has been going to our friends Florence & Angelo's house for 4th of July festivities. This year was Kayleigh's first & she had a blast!! At first, she was afraid of their dog, Sandy, but after we showed her that it was OK she just found her amusing and the craziest case of the giggles ensued!!! We were throwing the ball back & forth with the dog & every time Sandy jumped, or in some cases just moved, Kayleigh was in hysterics. She got herself so worked up that eventually she was just laughing at everything, even the dog toy! The only way to share this with you is for you to see it for yourself. Sometimes it's hard to hear because we're all laughing but you can definitely see her shaking. And at some points, she laughs so hard that you can't tell if she's laughing or crying - I assure you that she is laughing!! Her faces are priceless!!!

Then on Sunday since the bar that I work at closed early, we were able to go see Laura's band, Musaic, playing at Carolina Blue. We met up with Grandmom, Grandpop, Aunt Stephie & Auntie Cait. It was a great show! We got to sit outside & eat our dinner under one of the tents - the weather was gorgeous!! Kayleigh loved the music & her Auntie Cait was definitely her favorite person of the night - Kayleigh loved her pretty shirt & watching her dance :) Kayleigh is definitely the coolest kid ever - Not only was she an angel most of the time, but she impressed us all when she was able to sleep through a live band!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stand & Step -- Written by Bel

It has been a very exciting week for us! Kayleigh has always been strong for her age, but this past week she has amazed all of us!! If you are holding her up, she has been able to stand in your lap or on the floor for a few weeks now, but the other day I discovered that if you hold her up in a standing position, she will take some steps on her own! She does this all the time now & loves "walking" around the den.

And then the other day we discovered that she can pull herself up into a standing position from either sitting on your lap or on the floor!! So strong & she's not even 5 months old yet!!!