Monday, April 5, 2010

Lady Gaga, Pants On Your Head & Tired Dancing -- Written by Bel

A lot of people want to know what a day in the life of Kayleigh is like. They wonder about her personality, her likes & dislikes, and how she acts. Here are a few examples of typical Kayleigh:

1. Lady Gaga is her current favorite singer. She will dance & laugh at ANYTHING Gaga. Here is a video of her dancing to "Bad Romance" with Laura. But she's a ham, so she pauses to say, "hi" to the camera for a moment :) Laura also brings out K's crazy laugh towards the end.

2. Kayleigh now has opinions on what she wants to wear. She will bring you an item of clothing & want you to put it on her - even when it doesn't make sense! Her latest love is putting her pants on her head. And yes, she did it herself first. But she got aggravated when she could not put them back on her head, so we helped her out :)
She also frequently requests to have her jacket put on her and then says, "bye-bye" once she is wearing it.

3. Kayleigh also loves to dance. This is her "crazy dance", as we call it, because it's basically stomping around like a crazy person :) But since she loves to fight sleep so much, a lot of the time she goes from dancing around & acting silly right to curling up on the floor and getting ready for a nap within a few seconds of each other.
**Just a note - I had no idea this video was being taken, so I was mid-conversation with Laura when it happened - Ignore what I'm saying.**

So, that's a glimpse of Kayleigh :) We love our silly little bean!!