Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Little Weeble -- Written by Bel

This weekend was very fun! We spent Friday morning playing in her bouncy seat. Seemingly overnight, Kayleigh has mastered the art of bouncing & wobbling in her bouncer. Last week, her feet barely touched the floor in it & now she's a pro. She's also gotten very proficient at holding up her head during tummy time.

Since she loved Kira's exersaucer so much, we ordered Kayleigh one of her own. She wasn't too sure what to do with it at first, but then she LOVED it! On Saturday we put it in front of the mirrored doors of the buffet in the dining room, and she had even more fun chatting with herself! Turns out all we really needed were the mirrors :) LOL

But what we love most of all are the giggles. We've been trying to get them on video for a while now, but as soon as we pull out the camera she starts paying more attention to that than anything else and stops giggling. Today, Laura was able to sneak up on us at the tail end of one of Kayleigh's giggle sessions. Mostly, all you'll hear is a short squeal, but there are a few laughs in there. Maybe one day we'll be able to get the full thing, but until then...