Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walking & Such -- Written by Bel

Yes, yes, I already know that I am the world's worst blogger as I have not written anything since November. And a LOT has been happening since then!! I'll try to post as much of it as I can, but we'll see...

Kayleigh has been constantly growing & changing, seemingly overnight at times. Her hair is starting to grow, she has a total of 6 teeth now, she's eating lots & lots of new foods (when she's not allergic to them!), and her vocabulary is getting larger. She can say about 10-12 words & has assigned meanings to most of them, including pup, Mama, Elmo, shoes, and Harry's favorite, dude.

One of the craziest things that is going on is that Kayleigh is officially walking!!! And not just taking a few steps here & there, but WALKING, walking!! And that happened overnight. One day she just stood up in the kitchen & walked all the way down the hall into her room and that was that. My life has not been the same since. LOL.

Every night leading up to that we would sit in our den & Kayleigh would walk back & forth between Laura & I. It was about 6-7 steps at a time & she would fall a lot. She did this for a very long time. And then last Sunday, BAM! She was walking. And even trying to walk down the steps in the den (or as we like to call it, jumping face-first onto the floor from the steps). Here's a video from January of Kayleigh "practicing". We haven't been able to get a recent video of the walking, but we will post one soon!

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