Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hide & Seek -- Written by Bel

Kayleigh has been running around all over the place these day & getting into everything! There's so much for her to explore & I love, love, LOVE watching her learn something new. She has a new favorite game - Hide & Seek. Well, the Kayleigh version of hide & seek. Laura hides in one of our bedrooms in the house, Kayleigh runs down the hall to find her & as Kayleigh approaches, Laura pops out of the room and yells "Boo!" You would think this would scare Kayleigh, but she gets a kick out of it! She runs back down the hallway laughing and goes right back to Laura for more. We have gotten some seriously great laughs out of this game.

Here's a clip of Kayleigh playing Hide & Seek, Kayleigh style. She also laughs her butt of when she watches the clip with us!

(*The head bump is not as bad as it sounds - she was fine right away. However, it does get funnier & funnier every time we watch it and even Kayleigh has taken to laughing at it!)

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